Our experienced team advise in all stages of the outsourcing process. 

Our team of experienced lawyers are specialised in handling challenges that might arise with respect to outsourcing agreements and transactions. Regardless of whether our client is a small startup or a multinational company, we have the knowledge and the expertise required to assist in every stage of the outsourcing process.

Our legal services include:

  • Outsourcing agreements: Drafting, review and negotiation of outsourcing agreements protecting our clients' interests and ensuring compliance with relevant rules and regulations
  • Risk assessments and due diligence: Assistance with risk assessments and due diligence for the purpose of identifying potential legal and operational risks associated with outsourcing agreements, in particular in terms of potential outsourcing partners' fitness, and mitigation of the risks that may arise during the outsourcing arrangement
  • Regulation: We are always updated on the most recent rules on outsourcing, both national law and Union law 
  • Disputes: In the event of disputes arising as a consequence of outsourcing agreements, we offer strategic advice and conduct cases before the Danish courts and before arbitration tribunals to protect our clients' interests.

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