Marketing Law and Consumer Law

Our team offers advisory services in all areas of marketing and consumer law. We provide application-oriented advisory services based on the client's specific project, and we offer solutions focusing on both legal and commercial matters.

We have many years of experience advising Danish and foreign businesses on marketing and consumer law issues. Our advisory services are based on in-depth knowledge of the increasingly complex and detailed legislation on marketing and consumer interests.

The assistance provided to our clients includes the following:
  • review of campaigns, advertisements and other marketing material
  • sounding-board activities in connection with new business models
  • marketing through social media, including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter
  • obtaining advance indications from the authorities
  • workshops on new legislation and regulation
  • disputes with competitors and authorities

We offer a "full" compliance package in marketing and consumer law. We assist our clients in planning a forward-looking marketing and consumer law strategy and advise on individual issues, prepare draft agreements and draw up compliance programmes that require detailed knowledge of the specific industry.

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