Plesner provides advice on all aspects of legal risk management Our advisory services include everything from the initial identification of the legal risks to the more complex considerations as to the desired risk profile in the short and in the long term as well as the practical implementation of the legal risk management processes in the organisation.

The legal risks should be an integral part of the enterprise risk management. We assist our clients with creating an updated overview of all their legal risks and provide a plan for handling and adjusting the risks.

The enterprise risk scenario changes all the time and could become subject to stricter regulation in connection with any new Danish rules, new EU legislation or any other new legal measures such as new international standards and practice. Entering into new agreements or new business areas could also significantly affect the overall legal enterprise risk profile.

Plesner provides advice to both medium-sized and large, national and international clients on legal risk management and we are very focused on advising enterprises on how best to apply an ongoing adjustment of the legal risks actively in the development of their business.

In close collaboration with the client we provide assistance with:

  • an overview of the current enterprise risks, for example through interviews
  • analysis of the legal risks
  • defining the risks that an enterprise can accept
  • reporting in a clear format that is easy to understand
  • advice on the risk profile based on the enterprise's requests
  • drawing up an action plan and guidelines for the risk management
  • implementing the action plan, new processes, security measures etc
  • preparing the legal risk management tools for example agreement templates, e-learning, standard documents and internal guidelines
  • establishing the governance structure to manage both the current and the future risks

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