We continually provide legal assistance to leading Danish and foreign companies regarding technical deliveries for a wide range of different purposes.

Technical deliveries typically include both sale and installation, as well as individual design and manufacturing according to customer specifications, and possibly also after-sales-service. Often there are detailed requirements regarding functions and performance demands, as well as interfaces to other technical designs and deliveries. 

We have experience from our work with many different types of technical deliveries and installations, including 
  • Industrial plants and industrial machinery 
  • Equipment for production, assembly, sorting or packaging 
  • Food processing
  • Ventilation, exhaust and steering of climate 
  • Power plants, incineration plants and purification plants
  • Trains, signals and rail equipment
  • Ground equipment for airports
  • Equipment for defence, emergency alerts and response
  • Traffic regulation equipment and parking systems  
  • Elevators, escalators and lifts 
  • Surveillance, fire abatement, theft and security equipment 
  • Boilers, pumps and sluices
  • Motors, gears, bearings, pipes, cables and lighting

Our assistance

Our clients and partners include manufacturers, contractors, distributors, importers and advisers as well as employers and end users. In our work we attach importance to the commercial demands combined with the technical complexity of technical deliveries, giving reason to a proper balance between payments rates, penalties and permanent functioning and performance.

Our assistance includes terms of purchase and preparation, negotiation and the upholding of agreements regarding technical deliveries, as well as dispute resolution, including arbitration and litigation.

During performance of a technical delivery contract, responsiveness, flexibility, technical understanding and securing evidence are aspects of great importance, and we are experienced in assisting clients in these matters.

Agreements are often based upon the following standard rules:
  •  FIDIC Yellow Book 
  •  NL 09 and NLM 10
  •  Orgalime, including SI14, S2012 and Model forms
  •  Machine Directive 2006/42
  •  AB18, ABT93, ABR18


  • Bio-powerplant - Lisbjerg - assistance in the assignment and passing of contracts during the execution of installation works
  • Ship-engines - Skaugen - award in favour of the client in an ICC arbitration concerning consumption of fuel and loyal information regarding diesel engines from MAN Diesel
  • Cement plant - Middle East - court case concerning defects and loss of production etc.
  • Odder railroad - Atkins Danmark A/S - arbitration award in favour of the client regarding design and execution of the renovation of a railroad in Jutland (published in KFE 2015.003)
  • The royal Library Institute - Tryg Forsikring and Moe A/S - arbitration award in favour of the client in a case concerning indoor climate, ventilation and temperatures (published in KFE 2013.371)
  • Odense Zoo's Polarium - Tryg Forsikring A/S - arbitration award in favour of the client in a case concerning indoor climate (published in KFE 2011.17)
  • Wind turbines - Ja-Ke - award in favour of the client in a case concerning liability and best practices development regarding gearboxes for wind turbines, in the Danish Arbitration Institute
  • Slaughterhouse - GVL Entreprise A/S - participation in court appointed expertise investigations and in settlement agreements regarding industrial elevators and ABA installations
  • Fish box cleaning plant - Danish Seafood - court case concerning the conditions for and the operation of an automatic fish box return and cleaning plant
  • Purification plant - court case concerning technical deliveries for a purification plant in Sri Lanka under a FIDIC contract
  • Packaging production lines - fashion manufacturing - assistance with the tender preparation and the conclusion of contracts regarding the importation and installation of a sorting and packaging facility
  • Petrol pumps - manufacturer - high court judgement in favour of the client regarding alleged defects and commissioning regarding petrol pumps and card terminals
  • Ship conversion - Victor Lenac Shipyard - assistance regarding court appointed expertise and in successful settlement negotiations about the alternative use of a cable ship after the commencement of a conversion process
  • Copenhagen Metro phases 1 and 2 - Comet I/S - arbitration award in favour of the client in a case concerning claims for disruption and extra works by a M&E (Mechanical/Engineering) subcontrator
  • Nordjyllandsværket (North Jutland Power Plant) - Kaefer Isoleringsteknik A/S - arbitration award in favour of the client in a case concerning extra works and damages by thermal expansion in a power plant
  • Fish processing industry - Vendsyssel Fisk A/S - arbitration award in favour of the client in a case concerning a contractors extra claims for fulfilling particular authority requirements pertaing to fish industries and food processing (published in TBB 2002.227)


  • "Ability to understand complex issues and translate into actionable guidance and advice. Clear and concise presentation of claims and argumentation in litigation"

    "Always available. Quick response. Proficient in understanding and addressing complex professional issues. Down-to-earth advice that considers the scope of the subject and the customer’s needs"

    "Very accommodating and ready to take all matters seriously"

    "Plesner has provided a 360-degree full service for us. They have a big back office and have efficiently provided us with the best knowledge in their legal house across the different specialties" (2024)

  • "Very professional team. Confident and friendly advisers, deal driven, accurate due diligence, strong legal base for negotiations, targets well achieved"

    "Plesner have a strong team with specialists in all constructions matters, they are impeccable"

    "They have the ability to comprehend complex challenges, and have a good sense of the construction market in general"
  • "Highly professional, key insights, flexible and constructive. Allocates resources so the job can be done within agreed timeframes, to the point communication and although cases can be complicated, Plesner do not add to the complications"

    "Quick, competent, quality conscious and business-focused team, they know their client and their law and the businesses, and pleasant people to work with" 

    "Always ready, quick to follow up on requests. Sharp and up to date on relevant legal issues"

    "Always quick to see the big picture and understand complex issues. Nice to have the same point of contact. Good service in house and in all matters of correspondence" (2022)

  • "They are solution-oriented, always assessing whether solutions requested are economically viable. They are always very professional"

    "The Plesner practise has broad expertise within real estate transactions and development and combined with the strengths of the construction team, Plesner has a true full service offering within real estate"

    "Great profile within the industry for both domestic and foreign players. Solid organisation and sufficient resources to cope with larger and more complex cases"

    "Highly skilled and experienced team, high quality, thoroughness and good commercial understanding. Availability and follow-up level is outstanding. Also a very ambitious team which strives for a good position in the market" (2021)

  • "They understand how we think commercially and take this into account in the organisation of their legal assistance" (2020)


  • Within Real estate and construction, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    "Plesner is noted for its work on high-profile transactions, projects and disputes" (2019)

  • Within Real estate and construction, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    Plesner is "one of the best" (2018)
  • Within Real estate and construction, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    "Among the best in Denmark" - the "fantastic" construction team is led by Frants Dalgaard-Knudsen (2017)
  • Within Real estate and construction, Plesner is a first tier firm.

    Frants Dalgaard-Knudsen is the key contact in the "very service-minded" construction group (2016)
  • Widely recognised for its impressive construction practice, representing contractors, engineers and architects.

    "The lawyers are great at combining commercial and legal points and are very responsive" (2014)

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