When selecting an IT advisor, a client needs to choose an attorney with a fundamental understanding of IT, the client’s business and detailed knowledge of the legal nature of the specific types of contract. Our IT team has that.

We provide assistance with all types of IT contracts, including contracts on licences, support and maintenance, development and implementation, cloud computing and other IT-related matters.

The central point is the issue of rights – normally in the form of a licence agreement. It is paramount that the client has the right to current use and is also protected in terms of future use, including, for instance, end customers' use of "do-it-yourself" applications.

Contracts on development and implementation can be concluded by using a waterfall model with completed phases, an agile or iterative model in which work is performed in repeated development processes, or a combination of such models. The choice of model is often key to the success of a project, and we assist in choosing the right project model and ensuring its legal implementation.

Many businesses decide to purchase IT as a cloud service through cloud computing contracts. This form of contract offers a range of advantages, but also disadvantages. We help our client with these considerations and make sure that the contract supports the client’s choices.

Data protection and data security represent an increasingly large part of advisory services in relation to IT, and our specialists in IT contract law work closely together with our specialists in data protection law and security & compliance. As a very special feature, we offer tailor-made integrated advisory services that not only comprise traditional legal advice, but also matters related to data protection law and security.

Large-scale projects often encounter conflicts along the way, in which the parties, for example, disagree about who is responsible for a delay and liable for payment for (additional) work. This being the case, it is important that the contract between the parties ensures reasonable dispute resolution, at the required pace, enabling the project to progress (almost) independently. Plesner helps ensure dispute resolution in a proper manner through our contracts, and provides assistance when a conflict arises.

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