Maria Vilfort


Maria Vilfort is an attorney-at-law in our Commercial Real Estate team.

Maria is primarily engaged in the conveyance of commercial properties, project development and business leases.

Maria has broad experience in national and international property transactions, including in respect of commercial properties and rental properties, the purchase and sale of large property portfolios both as asset deals and as share deals and conveyances as a part of sale and lease back arrangements. Maria is also very experienced in commercial leases and the law of landlord and tenant, including in respect of headquarters, office premises, shop premises, production premises and logistics premises as well as construction law, contract law and commercial law in general.

Maria advises clients in several industries as well as large Danish and foreign private investors and developers and professional lessors of commercial properties and residential properties.

For a period, Maria was posted with Coop Denmark A/S where she handled a part of the administration and operation of the company's extensive portfolio of its own and its leased properties and retail shops.

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