The Market Abuse Regulation - the most important amendments for issuers

This summer issuers of listed securities will be subject to amended rules. From July 2016 a number of central, Danish stock market rules will be replaced by the new Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) that will apply to the entire EU. Plesner has drawn up a list of the most important amendments for Danish issuers. At the same time, we will launch a feature site about the Market Abuse Regulation.

The Market Abuse Regulation is part of a EU package that is the biggest amendment to Danish stock market law for twenty years. In future, the rules on insider trading, price manipulation, disclosure of stock market-sensitive information and listed companies' regular duty of disclosure will be found in the Market Abuse Regulation, and no longer in the Danish Securities Trading etc Act. The Regulation also introduces a number of new rules and at the same time the rules in other areas will become stricter.

As a consequence of the Market Abuse Regulation, all Danish issuers of listed securities must adapt to the amendments resulting from the Regulation. In addition, some individuals and companies that have not previously been subject to the rules of the Danish Securities Trading etc Act but that work with securities are to look into whether in future they will be under an obligation to keep lists of insiders, report any trading by executive officers in securities, disclose insider information etc and whether in future they are subject to the prohibition against price manipulation, insider trading and disclosure of insider information.

MAR list for issuers

In order to give our clients and relations the best possible preparation for the future amendments, Plesner has drawn up a list of the most important amendments introduced by the new Market Abuse Regulation seen from a Danish issuer's point of view.

List of most important amendments as a result of the MAR for Danish issuers (in Danish)

The list is part of our new MAR feature site on The feature site gives an overview of the most important documents from the EU and the Danish authorities. The site is being regularly updated, including with all material that Plesner publishes about the MAR.

The new MAR feature site

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