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By law, we mean business

Plesner's roots date back to 1918, and our firm today was established in the early 2000's through a number of mergers involving leading Danish law firms. Our business is based on strong relationships. When we celebrated our 100th anniversary in 2018, we also celebrated 100 years of collaboration with one of our large Danish clients. That is the kind of loyalty we work for every day.

Although we have deep roots and a long, solid history, we practice humility and never take our success for granted. At Plesner, there is no status quo. 

Our approach is unconventional. Law is our field, but our business is to help our clients and find the ideal solutions. We are dedicated to being the market leader in Denmark. This requires us to provide astute advice with honesty and integrity, with knowledge of ethical dilemmas and our clients' political and societal framework. For us, law serves a higher purpose, namely our clients' business goals and the best interests of society. This has been the case since the beginning.

It is in our DNA to be a challenger of the status quo. It has brought us to where we are today. We maintain our position through continual professionalization, specialization and a strong "One Firm Mindset".

Above all, our firm is built on trust. We earn this trust through the care we place on working together, with our clients, partners and the community. In a rapidly changing and increasingly complex world, we want to promote the value of demonstrable facts and personal responsibility for reason, honesty and truth. We do not challenge for the sake of change alone. We challenge to improve. Always. Because we care, and because our goal is to be exceptional together. 

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Timeline - Plesner's history

  • 2018 - Plesner's 100th anniversary
  • 2009 - Plesner Svane Grønborg changes its name to Plesner
  • 2004 - Plesner Svane Grønborg's employees all move to the newly built domicile, the "Copper Tower", at Amerika Plads 37 – and Plesner is used both as logo and name
  • 2000 - Plesner Svane Grønborg is created through a merger of the law firms O. Bondo Svane and Plesner & Grønborg
  • 1997 - Plesner & Grønborg is created through a merger of the law firms Plesner & Lunøe and Koch-Nielsen & Grønborg
  • 1990 - Koch-Nielsen & Grønborg is created through a merger of the law firms la Cour & Koch-Nielsen and Bornstein & Grønborg
  • 1989 - Plesner & Lunøe formed by combining the offices of the law firms Holm-Nielsen & Plesner and Lunøe & Partnere
  • 1987 - Lunøe & Partnere is adopted as the joint-name for a number of small law firms, including the firm founded by Svend Lunøe and Carl Ricard
  • 1967 - Robert Koch-Nielsen joins the law firm la Cour, and after a number of years the firm changes its name to la Cour & Koch-Nielsen
  • 1964 - Bornstein & Grønborg is founded by Jørgen Grønborg and Preben Bornstein
  • 1958 - Kaj Holm-Nielsen and Mogens Plesner become partners in Poul Jacobsen's law firm, which later takes the name Holm-Nielsen & Plesner
  • 1940s - High Court Attorney Jacob la Cour, establishes the law firm la Cour
  • 1937 - High Court Attorneys Svend Lunøe and Carl Ricard found law firms, which later become Lunøe & Partnere
  • 1933 - Supreme Court Attorney Oskar Bondo Svane founds the law firm O. Bondo Svane
  • 1918 - Attorney Poul Jacobsen founds the law firm, which later becomes Holm-Nielsen & Plesner

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