The Treatment Council is to be closed down - tasks are transferred to a new institute

Danish Regions has decided that the Danish Treatment Council and the Danish Regions' Clinical Quality Development Programme (RKKP) will be merged into a new institute from 2025: The Danish Institute for Healthcare Quality.

With the merger of the Danish Treatment Council and RKKP, the new institute will ensure a standardisation of the quality of the treatment that patients receive across the country, while at the same time handling the tasks that the Danish Treatment Council and RKKP are each responsible for today. The new council will evaluate new health technologies and treatment methods, as well as support the work with the clinical quality databases and clinical guidelines. 

However, it should be noted that the individual medical speciality societies will still be responsible for the creation of clinical guidelines within their specialities, even after the establishment of the institute in 2025.

As the name suggests, the new institute will have a special focus on quality. It will be the institute's task to identify which treatments create value for the patient. In addition, the institute will identify the areas that can be moved from the specialised part of the healthcare system to the local healthcare system without compromising on quality.

At present, no further public announcements have been made about the new institute. However, LIF has already called for the formulation of some overall political principles for the work of the Quality Institute. 

See Danish Regions' news about the new institute (in Danish)

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