Our international trade team advises on all legal issues in relation to export control and trade sanctions.

Danish and international businesses have for many years seen an increasing focus on international rules on export control and trade sanctions. Failure to comply with such rules can have serious financial and reputational implications for businesses as well as their managements and employees, and may give rise to criminal proceedings.

Plesner’s advice in this area covers all aspects from advice on export control and trade sanctions in relation to commercial contracts and business transfers to conducting complaint proceedings before the competent national authorities and legal proceedings before the courts. 

Based on our clients’ products, customers and markets we advise on import and export requirements and on how to obtain the relevant permits and authorisations from the competent national authorities.

Finally, our advice is based on a risk-based approach with respect to best practice compliance, including drafting of internal compliance programmes to ensure compliance with applicable export control laws and trade sanctions, implementation of the necessary procedures and other related measures, auditing and training and education of employees.

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