Plesner's Export Control and Trade Sanctions team has comprehensive experience and advises on all relevant legal issues.

A changing and continuously developing area  

In an increasingly complex international landscape it is crucial to businesses of all sizes with international activities or interfaces to have implemented efficient compliance measures in order always to ensure compliance with applicable export control rules and trade sanctions. Failure to comply with the rules may have major reputational, financial and criminal implications for businesses and their managements and employees. 

Export control and trade sanctions constitute an area of the law which is extremely political, and the legal landscape may change very rapidly, sometimes from one day to the next, This is particularly evident after Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the western countries' extensive sanctions, which has made the area relevant - and complex - as never before. This also appears from the quantity of specific issues related to sanctions in particular which have increased significantly since February 2022.  

A robust compliance programme may contribute to ensure that any sanctioned transactions or collaborations are stopped in time and that the business is poised for changes in case of new sanctions. 

An experienced team

Over the years Plesner has built up comprehensive experience in terms of providing advice on both export control and trade sanctions. 

We provide close, continuous advice to a number of businesses, including in connection with Russia's invasion of Ukraine where trade sanctions have developed with unprecedented speed. It means that we have first-hand experience of how the many new trade sanctions have affected various businesses in a broad range of fields and industries - and not least what businesses can do to ensure compliance with the rules. 

In addition, we keep updated on developments in the area through regular contact to relevant authorities and professional and industrial bodies. We take pride in always being updated and knowing what is happening in the area. 

Customised advice with a commercial view

Plesner advise private companies as well as listed companies about export control and trade sanctions, and our advice is always based on the individual company's specific situation and risk landscape. 

We always endeavour to understand our clients' business models in order to be able to provide advice that is customised and executable in practice. 

We advise on all aspects of export controls and trade sanctions, including: 

  • Drafting of internal compliance programmes to ensure compliance with applicable export legislation and trade sanctions and implementation of necessary procedures and other related measures
  • Training and education of employees
  • Auditing of procedures for compliance with sanctions and export control
  • Drafting of special clauses for commercial contracts, including purchase and supplier agreements, in order to ensure compliance with sanctions and export control rules
  • Risk assessment and guidance in relation to specific sanctions, including transactions and collaborations with operators in sanctioned countries 
  • Advice in connection with M&A transactions, including with respect to the completion of transactions and conduct of due diligence
  • Advice in relation to the EU's many sanction packages against Russia and EU's sanctions against Belarus
  • Advice in relation to sales of products to high-risk countries 
  • Advice to EU businesses in relation to continued presence in Russian and compliance in relation to EU sanctions
  • Advice in connection with EU businesses' exit from Russia
  • Close and regular collaboration with foreign law firms in transnational/international matters concerning trade sanctions and export control
  • Advice in relation to obtaining export licenses
  • Contact with relevant authorities
  • Defence in criminal proceedings

Plesner's Export Control and Trade Sanctions team is working closely together with Plesner's other practice areas and consequently we are able to provide specialist advice across all relevant legal fields.

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