Plesner Alumni

Plesner has a long history and we are proud of it. Our alumni network for former employed attorneys is very important to us, and we regularly host network events for members.

We would not be where we are today without the large number of colleagues who have worked at Plesner or one of the merged law firms over the years. Our position as one of Denmark's leading law firms is founded on their efforts and performance.

We regularly host networking events where attorney colleagues meet and refresh old memories, exchange experience and make new acquaintances.

Join Plesner Alumni

If you are a former employee of Plesner or one of the law firms from which Plesner originates, we would be very pleased if you would join Plesner Alumni.

You can register with the Plesner Alumni LinkedIn group, where we advertise upcoming events.

Names of the law firms that have merged over the years to become the Plesner of today:
  • Plesner Svane Grønborg
  • O. Bondo Svane
  • Plesner & Grønborg
  • Plesner & Lunøe
  • Koch-Nielsen & Grønborg
  • la Cour & Koch-Nielsen
  • Bornstein & Grønborg
  • Holm-Nielsen & Plesner
  • Lunøe & Partnere
For practical information about Plesner Alumni, please contact our event coordinator Camilla Luplau.

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