Lawyers from Plesner publish book on utilities law

DJØF (the Danish Association of Lawyers and Economists) has published the book "Kommunale forsyningsselskaber" (municipal utility companies) written by Marlene Hannibal, Søren Stenderup Jensen, Peter Holm Larsen and Ellen Skodborggaard. The book is the first full account of the set of rules that applies to municipal utility companies and the target group of the book is lawyers employed by municipalities, practitioners in utility companies and advisors who work in the utilities area.


Since 2009 when the Danish Folketing passed the so-called water sector reform that aims at making the water and waste water sectors more efficient, activities involving water supply and waster water supply must be operated in corporate form. Since then all Danish municipalities have set up utility companies not only in the water and waste water areas, but also in the areas of heat supply and refuse. Service companies have also been set up.

A fundamental introduction to utility companies

The purpose of the book "Kommunale forsyningsselskaber" is to provide a profound insight into the utility companies. In addition to reviewing the full set of rules applying to utility companies, the book also covers the questions of doubt that arise in practice. The focus of the book is to answer a large number of unanswered questions in the area, for instance the problems relating to waste water that are very topical in the municipal utility companies.

The authors of the book are all attorneys at Plesner Law Firm and their areas of expertise are utility companies, environmental law, planning legislation, energy law, compulsory acquisition and dispute resolution.

Please contact Søren Stenderup Jensen, Ellen Skodborggard, Marlene Hannibal or Peter Holm Larsen if you would like to receive any further information on the book and Plesner's advisory services in the area. They can also be contacted by telephone at + 45 33 12 11 33.