Plesner abreast of climate changes

Four Plesner attorneys publish book
The recent week's torrential rain storm and flooding have again placed climate changes on the agenda. As citizens we experience heavy showers or actual monster rain resulting in flooding and extensive damage to property more frequently than before.
All Danish local authorities and utility companies therefore have to consider the climate changes that are taking place, such as, for example, increased amounts of rain, increased groundwater and sea water levels, in their future planning. It has been announced that a bill making this easier for the local authorities will be put forward this autumn, but a lot of important questions related to the climate changes are still unanswered.

A general account of current rules
Plesner attorneys Marlene Hannibal, Søren Stenderup Jensen, Peter Holm Larsen and Ellen Skodborggaard have therefore written the book "Climate changes in a legal perspective". The book, which is the first general account of the body of rules governing the handling of the challenges caused by the climate changes is published this September.

In addition to a survey of the body of rules that is applicable to the handling of increased amounts of rain and increased groundwater and sea water levels, the book includes a review of the questions that give rise to doubts in practice.

The book is intended for technicians and lawyers working in the local authorities and practitioners in the waste water utility companies and advisers working in the public utility area.

The authors
The book's authors, Marlene Hannibal, Søren Stenderup Jensen, Peter Holm Larsen and Ellen Skodborggaard, are all attorneys with Plesner and advise on, among other things, local authority utility companies, environmental law, planning law, energy law, compulsory acquisition and dispute resolution.
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