New Danish book on life science law

The Danish publisher Djøf Forlag has just published a new edition of the Danish book "Life Science Jura" (in English: life science law) which focuses on the rules and practice in the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries. The book is written by Attorney Karen Dyekjær and Plesner Partner Mikkel Vittrup with contributions from two Plesner attorneys Mette Hygum Clausen and Mette-Marie Henrichsen.

The book "Life Science Jura - med fokus på medicin- og medicoindustrierne" (in English: life science law - with a focus on the pharmaceutical and medical devices industries) is relevant to everyone dealing with the legal aspects of life science.

The book outlines the rules and practice in connection with approving, selling and marketing pharmaceuticals. The review also includes biological pharmaceuticals and other areas of particular importance to the pharmaceutical industry. The area of research in the life science industry is also included, including the protection of exclusive rights.

In recent years, there has been an increased overlap between the pharmaceutical industry and the medical devices industry, which is why the rules and practice in that area are also dealt with.

Life science law

The chapters of the book:

1 - The pharmaceutical sector
1A - Medical devices
2 - Approval of pharmaceuticals and data protection
3 - Clinical trials
4 - Pricing of pharmaceuticals and reimbursement rules
5 - Parallel imports and parallel distribution
6 - Marketing and advertising including in respect of both pharmaceuticals and medical devices
7 - Competition law
8 - Research rules
9 - On exclusive right protection of research results
10 - A pharmaceutical and welfare economics view of the pharmaceutical market

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