Plesner strengthens capabilities in corporate criminal law through strategic collaboration with former head of PET and SØIK

In response to Danish and international authorities' increasing focus on compliance and regulatory enforcement and the significant financial and criminal liability risks faced by companies and their management teams, Plesner is upgrading its resources and capabilities in corporate criminal law and compliance. As of 1 September 2020, former head of Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) and State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime (SØIK), Attorney Jens Madsen, will join Plesner as a Special Advisor. Together with the other members of Plesner's team, Jens Madsen will help ensure that Plesner has a leading position advising clients in the area of corporate criminal law.

One of Denmark's leading experts in corporate criminal law

As one of Denmark's leading experts in corporate criminal law, Jens Madsen has significant and unique experience from previous leading positions with authorities and in the private sector. In addition, he has on several occasions been a special advisor to the government and has been involved in matters of an international nature.

Thanks to leading positions as the head of SØIK and PET, Jens Madsen has significant professional, managerial, communicative and strategic competencies as well as in-depth knowledge of a large number of key authorities and the related areas of the law.

Having worked as a prosecutor, Jens Madsen has extensive litigation experience and has conducted more than 500 criminal cases, in particular in relation to economic crime.

Jens Madsen also has comprehensive specialist experience from his time working with compliance at the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority and SØIK, for instance AML/CFT, IPR, competition law and anti-corruption. From the middle of 2017 to the beginning of 2020, Jens Madsen was Head of Investigation and Senior Vice President at Danske Bank in charge of extensive internal investigations. Consequently, he also has special knowledge of and experience from the financial sector.

Increasing focus on compliance and regulatory enforcement

Danish businesses face increased and stricter regulation in a large number of areas.

This is complex regulation challenging compliance with existing rules, and failure to comply with the regulation not only gives rise to administrative sanctions but increasingly also to criminal sanctions.

Recent developments, nationally as well as internationally, reflect a growing focus on enforcement by the authorities in the form of fines etc being imposed on companies as well as their managements for failure to comply with corporate criminal law regulation.

Jens Madsen joins Plesner as a Special Advisor precisely for the purpose of helping clients address and deal with such risks.

"With his broad specialist knowledge and experience in corporate criminal law - as well as his significant strategic and managerial skills - Jens Madsen has a unique profile and will be a strong player on Plesner's team", says Attorney and partner Peter Schradieck, head of Plesner's Dispute Resolution team.

With Jens Madsen as a Special Advisor, Plesner will be able to advise clients on all aspects of compliance, including criminal offences, administrative sanctions, legal crisis management, whistleblower cases and internal investigations/legal investigations.

"I look very much forward to a strong collaboration with Plesner. Plesner is a first-tier law firm, and I look forward to providing solid advice to Plesner's clients in my field of expertise. I know how the authorities act and I know, from my time with Dansk Bank, that accurate and targeted advice is crucial", says Jens Madsen.

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