New addition to Plesner's IP team

We are happy to announce that Kim Wagner is now part of Plesner's IP team as of 1 September 2023.

Kim Wagner is a European Patent Attorney and he has been responsible for and has conducted many opposition cases before the European Patent Office (EPO), which means he is deeply knowledgeable about EPO practices.

With the Unified Patent Court (UPC) coming into force, the focus will be on addressing EPO practice in relation to the validity of granted patents. We also expect that the UPC will want to learn about EPO case law in great detail and will attach weight to this. For this reason, many of the large law firms in other countries have recently added patent attorneys to their patent teams. 

This is a trend that makes sense, and we have therefore done the same.

So when the opportunity of adding Kim to our team presented itself, we did not hesitate, and we think that Kim will strengthen our patent team, which is already the leading patent team in Denmark - in terms of ratings, the volume of cases and the number of employees.

Because the need for assistance from patent attorneys exceeds what a single person could manage, Plesner's IP team will continue to work with other patent attorneys as well.

Kim Wagner has an MSc. in chemical engineering from DTU and a Ph.D. in biochemistry. From 2004 to 2023, Kim was an adviser in one of Denmark's leading patent attorney firms, where he was responsible for litigation. Prior to that, Kim also worked for five years in the industry as an inhouse Patent Attorney.

We look forward to strengthening our patent litigation with Kim Wagner on the team.

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