The Danish medicines agency opens new data analytics centre

On 16 November 2020, the Danish Medicines Agency (DMA) opened a new data analytics centre (DAC). The centre will translate information and data on medicines and medical devices into knowledge that will benefit the general public and ensure better and safer medicines and medical devices.

With the use of new data analysis technologies and expertise, DAC will provide knowledge on medicines and medical devices based on both already available data from, for example, electronic health registers, as well as new data sources, like smart watches. The expectation is that DAC will analyse vast amounts of data in order to assess, regulate and monitor medicines and medical devices in an entirely new manner. With this, the DMA will be able to offer new types of scientific advice to pharmaceutical companies and MedTech companies on the development of new medicines and medical devices, e.g. the tracking of adverse medicines reactions on a large scale in real time will make it possible for regulators to approve medicines faster.

DAC will strive to abide by a high level of operational transparency and, to this end, a prioritization matrix to score each analysis on a range of pre-defined variables has been published. The matrix may be accessed here.

Prior to its opening, DAC has already been expanding its competence and capacity for a year and is going to cooperate with medicines agencies and research environments all around the world.

The DMA's website with general information on DAC can be accessed here.

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