The Danish Design Council launches expert training

The Danish Design Council has developed tailor-made training as it wishes to be the obvious choice when experts are to be appointed in legal proceedings involving slavish copying and as it wishes to make sure that its members are considered to a greater extent when expert judges are to be appointed. Plesner is responsible for a part of the training.

The expert training provided by the Danish Design Council takes two days. The first training day takes place at Plesner and focuses on jurisprudence, the substantive law on product protection as well as expert survey and appraisal in theory and practice. The second training day takes place at the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court that passes on its experience in and gives good advice to experts. The training is concluded with a case consisting of specific survey proceedings where the expert gives evidence before the court, so-called verification.

The teachers include members of the Danish Design Council, Attorney Kasper Frahm, Plesner, and Judge Claus Forum Petersen, the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court.

The first training session will take place on 5 November 2015 at Plesner.

Please contact Attorney Kasper Frahm if you would like to register or receive additional information.