More criminal cases in the Danish corporate sector

New Danish handbook on corporate criminal law: it is not for nothing that Danish managements and boards of directors are currently very focused on risk management and internal controls. In recent years, the number of corporate criminal cases is clear and, not surprisingly, it follows the development in the United States for the past ten years. The Danish authorities are instituting an increasing number of criminal cases against undertakings and extraordinary criminal proceedings involving heavy fines are instituted against undertakings to an increasing degree.

This is the reason for the Danish handbook "Erhvervsstrafferet" (in English: corporate criminal law), which has just been published and among its authors are three Plesner attorneys: Gitte Holtsø, who is a specialist in competition law, Jakob Krogsøe, who specialises in tax litigation and Mikkel Vittrup, who is a marketing and intellectual property law specialist.

The handbook is written by persons who have extensive professional knowledge and experience and the handbook is tailored for corporate lawyers and attorneys working with corporate criminal cases. The handbook opens with chapters on strategy, risk management and internal controls (governance) and contains specific, practical advice on the implementation of a strategy to prevent corporate criminal cases.

The authors have received input from corporate lawyers in order to make the handbook usable in practice and the authors have decided to standardise the structure of all chapters so that it is easy for the reader to get an outline.

It is the first handbook that provides a general outline of the criminal procedure and the most important subjects in corporate criminal law.

The handbook is published by Karnov Group. Read more about "Erhvervsstrafferet" (in Danish).

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