School Project inspires young people to get an education

On 12 November 2015 pupils from Nørrebro Park Skole in Copenhagen visited Plesner's offices in order to listen to role models telling them about education and careers. The event was part of Plesner's School Project that commenced in 2011 for the purpose of making young people understand the importance of education.

Hüseyin who works in the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) told 40 pupils from Nørrebro Park Skole: "Already in 7th grade I knew that I wanted to be a police officer". He told the pupils about his purposeful route from primary and lower secondary school till he was finally admitted to the Policy Academy after having studied and worked for many years, including in the Danish Armed Forces. The audience listened intensely, in particular when Hüseyin told about his daily work with PET.

Hüseyin was one of five Danes of other ethnic origin who told how education had impacted on their possibilities of getting interesting  jobs. Over the course of the day the pupils listened to presentations by Journalist Nagieb Khaja, Member of the Danish Parliament Naser Kader, Deputy Chief Superintendent Kabeer Takia of the Copenhagen Police, and Plesner Partner Shaina Jabbar, who is responsible for the School Project.

Not two of the stories were the same but the one thing they had in common was that education had been crucial to getting a good job and a good life in Denmark. Journalist Nagieb Khaja told his own story of turning hate and destructive thoughts into something positive by completing an education and working at making a difference as a journalist.

Everybody present knew  Naser Khader, but this time he had not come to talk politics. Instead, he told the pupils how he arrived at where he is today. He told them how , as a young man, he had to have it out with his father when he decided to abandon his engineering studies to study economics.

Skoleprojekt - Plesner

Eager to ask questions
The young audience were eager to ask questions and had clearly prepared many relevant questions in advance. The questions covered a lot of ground and concerned everything from James Bond, kidnapping and headscarves to, naturally,  education.

The two last role models, Detective Chief Superintendent Kabeer Takiar and Partner Shaina Jabbar, were interviewed at the same time. The are both excellent examples that although they did not focus on specific careers in the beginning, persistence and hard work can get you a very long way. And that was their joint message: "Behave yourselves and make sure to do your school work. If you make an effort and pursue education, possibilities will open up".

A long day with plenty of input was concluded by Jørgen Permin, chairman of Plesner's board, talking abut Plesner, and afterwards the pupils were taken on a tour around the "Copper Tower" housing the firm and were introduced to the many different job types in a large law firm.

The School Project
The event was part of Plesner's School Project that has involved several classes at Nørrebro Park Skole since 2011 and at Blågård Skole since 2013. The object of the School Project is to encourage the pupils to understand the importance of being serious about school and studies and to motivate them to focus on the many job opportunities and the extent of freedom that may become available through further education.

The School Project has produced direct results. The majority of the pupils who have been involved in the Project and have now completed the 9th grade have decided to continue their studies by attending upper secondary school, technical college or the 10th grade.

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