Corporate law expert chooses Plesner

A very strong name in Danish corporate law and foundations law is now moving to the consultancy sector. On 1 June, Lars Bunch, Master of Laws and Deputy Chief Executive with the Danish Business Authority, will join Plesner as a senior advisor.

Lars is recognised as the undisputed leading expert in Denmark in corporate law and foundations law. He has been a driving force behind the major overhaul of both Danish corporate law (2010) and more recently Danish trade fund law and he has written the principal work on the (annotated) Danish Companies Act and has participated in the administration of Danish corporate law.

The unique legal insight that he has gained from such work has also led to extensive teaching work and extensive work as an advisor and as a sounding board for attorneys and corporate lawyers on corporate law issues.

With the addition of an expert such as Lars to our already strong team, Plesner will gain superior expertise and specialisation in corporate law and foundations law matched by no one else.

Lars is 39 years old and a trained lawyer and he has worked for the Danish Business Authority since 2001. In the period from 2008 to 2010, Lars was Chief of Division of the Centre of CVR Registration of the Danish Commerce and Companies Agency and on 1 January 2011 he returned to the corporate terms and governance division (in Danish: Erhvervsvilkår og Regulering) under the newly established Danish Business Authority. In 2015, he was appointed deputy chief executive with the Danish Business Authority.

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