Do you have the courage to leave legal work to robots - do you have the courage not to?

Robots have entered the world of law, and all legal practitioners will have to consider the new technology. Read Niels Chr. Ellegaard’s new book "Robots Entering the Legal Profession" and register for Plesner Legal Tech Forum - and be well prepared to make the right choices in terms of Legal Tech.

How much of our work can we leave to robots? That is the essential and fundamental question addressed by Niels Chr. Ellegaard, Attorney- at-Law, and Partner in Plesner, in his new book “Robots Entering the Legal Profession”.

As one of the first books in this area,  “Robots Entering the Legal Profession” seeks to explore the fundamental questions that Legal Tech providers as well as  legal service providers and organisations (law firms, businesses, public authorities and courts) have to consider when we develop and use the new technology (robots) to perform legal work.

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The book addresses both strategic, practical, ethical and commercial questions relating to the use of Legal Tech. Based on these considerations, the author makes a number of suggestions as to how much of our legal work we can leave to the robots. In addition, the book suggests how man and machine may work together, and includes an extensive catalogue of issues that should be considered when developing and using robots for legal work.

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Something has already been tried and tested within Legal Tech - but plenty of new things are on the way. An increasing number of legal work can be solved advantageously by using the most recent technology, and many products are already available today that perform tasks related to legal advice, drafting of contracts, transaction-related work, litigation, compliance and in-house legal processes.

We have just launched Plesner Legal Tech order to make it easier for businesses and organisations to make the right choices with regard to new technologies.

Our Legal Tech Forum is open to all clients who wish to learn more about Legal Tech or to share their own experiences.

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