Plesner attorneys behind new book on the Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act

A new annotated Anti-Money Laundering Act was published on 6 January 2020. The Danish Anti-Money Laundering Act (the AML Act) has been extensively amended in recent years, and the book is intended as a work of reference to be used in the practical work in this highly complex and rapidly developing area of the law. The authors of the book, carrying the Danish title “Hvidvaskloven med kommentarer”, are Peter Schradieck and Peter Bang, both attorneys-at-law of Plesner, and Hans Fogtdal, attorney-at-law, of counsel of Plesner and former deputy state prosecutor with the Danish State Prosecutor for Serious Economic and International Crime.

Money laundering and money laundering cases have received extensive media coverage and political attention in recent years, both in Denmark and internationally. Public authorities in Denmark and other countries have strengthened their AML efforts significantly and have, based on a heightened focus on the area, considered an increasing number of money laundering cases. The book provides an overview of the law in this complex, unique and rapidly developing area of the law, which is based on a series of recent EU directives, including the fourth and fifth Anti-Money Laundering Directives. The most recent amendments took effect on 10 January 2020.    

The book is intended as a work of reference and as an aid in the practical work related to the Act and the many related sources of law. While the annotations to the Act naturally account for a substantial part of the presentation, the book also addresses relevant case law and other relevant sources of law in the area, including the Danish FSA’s guidance on the AML Act. In recent years, the authors have worked on several cases that have provided them with a practical perspective on the application of the Act. They have also collaborated with several lawyers working with the AML Act in a non-law firm setting in order to address frequent compliance issues surrounding the Act, in this way making the book even more useful as a work of reference. 

The book is aimed at lawyers in private practice, attorneys-at-law, lawyers working in financial institutions, auditors, judges, journalists, property managers and real estate agents, art dealers, auction houses, virtual currency providers and others with an interest in the subject.

The book is published by DJØF Publishing.

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