The Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court appoints two permanent trustees

We are proud that two Plesner partners have been appointed as permanent trustees at the Danish Maritime and Commercial High Court from 1 January 2024; it consolidates Plesner's position within Insolvency and Restructuring.

Lars Skanvig has been a permanent trustee since 2003 and has been re-appointed. He is now joined by Michala Roepstorff, who has also been appointed as a permanent trustee. They have both been appointed for a five-year period.
Michala Roepstorff says: "Being a permanent trustee at the Maritime and Commercial High Court is an important and honourable position, and I am proud to undertake the task together with my colleague, Lars Skanvig", and Lars continues "I congratulate Michala on the appointment as a permanent trustee - it is well deserved. I also congratulate  Plesner and our Insolvency Law and Restructuring team who have helped lay the groundwork for the appointment of both of us."

We congratulate Michala and Lars on their appointments.

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