Plesner is one of the absolutely leading asset management advisors in Denmark. Our advice covers all areas of asset management, including commercial lease law, residential lease law, dispute resolution and agreements on administration and management of properties. Focusing on creating the greatest possible value, we provide advice based on the highest professional standards, in-depth practical experience, and with a commercial mindset.

Our asset management advice is characterised by being value-adding, efficient and pragmatic. 

We work with a wide range of leading international and national players in the real estate business, and we advise pension funds, property developers, asset managers and private investors on how to optimise their properties. Clients choose us because our advice is based on commercial understanding, thorough knowledge of the law and well-founded knowledge of the industry, and this enables us to resolve complex issues relating to asset management. 

Because we consistently focus on retaining and developing a high level of specialisation, we are able to offer solutions to our clients, keeping in mind their long-term interests, irrespective of the type of property and the specific problem. We also offer to assist our clients in connection with all types of dispute resolution in relation to real property and asset management, including matters regarding market rent, rent determination principles, and the obligation to offer vacated units to tenants, as well as matters regarding termination and damages under lease agreements etc. 

Commercial and Residential lease law 

We advise on all aspects of commercial lease law and residential lease law where significant values are at stake, including drafting of commercial lease agreements, residential tenancy agreements and land lease agreements, regardless of their nature. 

The value of investment properties is very much based on the lease agreements on such properties. Consequently, it is essential to have a trusted advisor in the wings who not only contributes thorough knowledge of the law but also has in mind the client's long-term commercial interests. 

We prioritise constantly being up to date on lease law, which is one of the most complex and dynamic areas of the law and can be difficult to navigate. Our goal is to provide advice of the highest quality to our clients through detailed understanding of the property market in general, enabling us to resolve complex issues. 

Property Management 

Plesner's asset management team has in-depth experience in drafting and negotiating agreements on property management and property administration for investors and property managers. 

We provide customised solutions to institutional and private investors which may form the basis of flexible strategic collaborations between various players in the property business. We work as a team in everything we do, and due to our different practice areas we are able to advise on solutions of high value to clients. 

In addition, we have considerable experience in negotiating and entering into management agreements and in that connection we can also act as a valuable sounding board for the client. 


We assist our clients in rent dispute resolution in particular, and we regularly conduct cases before tribunals and courts. We act as trusted advisor to our clients from the outset and we plan the strategy and the process in the most favourable way in close collaboration with our clients. We help identify strong and weak aspects of the case from the start, and we provide professional and honest advice on the risks and possibilities associated with the case. Our advice is based on care and diligence, and the client's commercial interests are always in focus when we are involved in resolving a dispute. 

Through the years we have represented numerous clients in complex leading cases before all courts and we have extensive experience in helping clients through the dispute process; from commencement of the dispute until the final judgment or award. 

We also have exhaustive knowledge of market rent trends and, benefitting greatly from our extensive property network, we advise a number of operators on preparing and conducting market rent cases in order to ensure the best possible value optimisation.


  • Alma Property Partners - advice on the establishment of a joint venture between Swedish property investment fund Alma Property Partners and RUBIK Properties on investment in storage and logistics properties. 

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