Plesner's team of specialists advise on urban development and project development. We assist our clients in navigating between the complex legal and regulatory challenges encountered by developers. 

Our approach is based on the combination of legal expertise, industry knowledge and business insight. We understand the importance of creating sustainable and successful urban development and project development initiatives, and we work closely with our clients to achieve their goals.


We advise on the initial steps, including negotiation and conclusion of joint venture agreements and cooperation agreements between private and/or public parties. These partnerships are often efficient tools to combine resources, expertise and incentives from both the private and the public sector to achieve common goals and create sustainable and successful urban areas. 

Joint venture agreements should reflect that they often concern long-term partnerships stretching across several phases of a project, including development, planning, construction and, potentially, operation. The agreements are complex by nature as they are to regulate numerous legal aspects such as ownership, management, decisions, profit sharing and risk sharing, exit strategies and dispute resolution. Structuring the cooperation requires law expertise as well as development expertise, and our specialists have both. We aim at providing holistic advice with a view to our client's specific success criteria and to obtain agreements which comply with the commercial as well as the social objectives of the project.

Sustainability and Community 

Sustainability and community are two important elements in urban development and project development and are central to creating quality of life, environmental awareness and social cohesion. These elements form an integral part of our advice.

In the context of project development, sustainability is about, among other things, creating urban areas which are environmentally, economically and socially responsible, and it is important to incorporate sustainability principles and sustainability practice across design, construction and operation. Incorporation of sustainability and community into development creates more lively, harmonic and resistant areas. It requires a holistic approach to the provision of advice where legal expertise is combined with a deep understanding of the environmental, economic and social aspects of development.

Our team consists of experienced attorneys with extensive experience in urban development and project development. We have experience in setting up the legal framework for sustainability and community in development projects, and we appreciate that areas and cities are to be used and inhabited by people. We are dedicated to providing customised advice and efficient solutions to our clients. 

Contact us today and learn more about how we can help you navigate in urban development and project development and be successful in your endeavours. 

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