Online workshop on electronic product information for EU medicines

On Thursday, 28 November 2018, EMA, HMA and the EU-commission are conducting an online workshop on electronic product information (ePI) for EU medicines. The product information (PI) of a medicine in the EU includes the package leaflet for patients and the summary of product characteristics (SmPC) for healthcare professionals.

The workshop intends to provide a platform for all relevant parties to discuss opportunities, needs and concerns related to the implementation of ePI with the purpose of agreeing on common principles for the implementation in the EU.

The outcome of the workshop will be used in the process of drafting key principles for the use of ePI in the EU. The draft key principles will be released for a public consultation for a period of six months in January 2019.

The workshop will be live streamed here and no registration or password is required.

EMA's press release can be read here.

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