The Danish Medicines Council receives better insight into negotiated price level

The Danish Regions' pharmaceutical organization, Amgros, and the Danish Health and Medicines Authori-ty have ensured that the Danish Medicines Council will receive information on the negotiated price level for medicinal products.

Amgros and the Danish Health and Medicines Authority have agreed to provide the Danish Medicines Council with information on the hospital pharmacies' negotiated cost price (SAIP) for new medicinal products going forward. Prior to this, the Medicines Council only had access to the pharmacies' cost price (AIP) when assessing a new medicinal product.

Since the SAIP is the result of confidential negotiations between the pharmaceutical companies and Amgros, there have been concerns as to whether the SAIP would become subject to a request for access to documents if provided to the Medicines Council. However, The Health and Medicines Authority has now assured that material provided from Amgros to the Medicines Council containing information on the price negotiations are considered trade secrets which are exempted from a request for access to documents.

A prior version of this post was originally published by the same authors in Practical Law – Life Sciences, March 2019 Issue (Thomson Reuters).

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