Webinar on Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (PPA): Best practice - how to get started?

Plesner, Schneider Electric and Velux have teamed up to host a webinar on 5 October 2021 from 9.00-10.00 am CET regarding Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (Corporate PPA), including best practice on how to get started.

On the race to net zero, many companies discover renewable energy as an attractive lever to fast and cost-efficient decarbonization. Corporate PPAs are in use by an increasing number of leading organizations that have made public commitments to 100% renewable energy purchase in recent years.

One of these organizations is the leading manufacturing and distribution company, VELUX. VELUX’ pioneering commitment is to become Lifetime Carbon Neutral by 2041. One of the company’s main goals is the ambition to convert all the VELUX Group electricity to 100% renewable electricity by 2023. In this webinar, VELUX’ Global Category Manager, Thomas Poulsen, will from a client perspective present his experience with working with Corporate PPAs.

Executing a PPA takes several steps from exploring the market to getting a contract signed. There are a number of considerations for companies interested in pursuing Corporate PPAs from a technical, financial and legal perspective. The question remains: How to get started?

During the webinar, Plesner’s managing partner, Niklas Korsgaard Christensen and Schneider Electric’s sales manager strategic renewables, Miguel Gil Mast, will from a technical, financial and legal perspective share best practice on how companies have successfully embarked on the journey to concluding Corporate PPAs.

At the end of the webinar, participants will be able to ask questions to the speakers through a moderated Q&A session. 

The intention of the webinar is for participants to walk away with clear, actionable steps to help their organization benefit from Corporate PPAs.

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