It is no secret that most lawyers have the same dress code. It is the same at Plesner. But there is room for diversity, and we differ from one another. Get to know us and experience it yourself.

We are good - also at having a good time

We firmly believe that the best results are achieved through teamwork with colleagues who know each other well. That is why working life at Plesner mixes both professional and social elements.

We participate in the DHL Relay Race in Fælledparken, visit art exhibitions, play badminton, arrange factory sales and much, much more. We socialise with the colleagues in our own departments and with our other Plesner colleagues, and our assistant attorneys and law students also have their own parties and events, only for them.

Finally, we all gather for a number of traditional events and magnificent parties, such as our summer party, family Christmas party, Christmas office party and Friday after-work drinks.

We are individuals with common features

We make room for individuality as we believe that talents will develop the most if given room to grow. At Plesner, you can therefore bring your career dreams with you to work. We will do our best to help you realise them. We believe that you are at your best and that we are strongest when you are true to yourself, and we believe that the key to our success is the combination of our individual skills. We listen to each other, respect each other's views and use our individual strengths to supplement one another.

The common denominator is our legal commitment which is based on drive, ambition and professionalism. We fight for our clients and work as a team to solve problems and achieve the best possible results. We are often involved in cases that have far-reaching consequences for both our clients and our society. We are therefore highly committed to our work and never compromise on quality, integrity or ethical standards. However, this does not prevent us from appreciating a working environment characterised by an informal way of speaking, a good sense of humour and a constant focus on ensuring maximum job satisfaction among our employees.

Everyday flexibility

We believe that flexibility in terms of choosing your workplace increases wellbeing and productivity. That is why we have the flexibility to choose where we work. You can plan your working week to include days spent at Plesner's office, at home, in your holiday home or at another suitable location. You can also divide your working day between several locations. Plesner makes modern office furniture and IT tools available to enable you to make your home office comfortable and stylish.

We do not have any rules regulating how many days a week you have to spend at Plesner's office. Our individual wishes for flexibility vary, and our needs change over time. It is up to you and your manager to discuss and align expectations on an ongoing basis to devise a framework that works for both of you.

It is important to us that, as a new colleague, you get off to a good start, are introduced to the team's routines and collaborators, and are quickly integrated into the colleague community. Accordingly, you can expect to work at Plesner's office during the introductory phase.

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