Greenland passes decision to launch the country's largest infrastructure investment ever

On 15 November 2018 a majority in Inatsisartut, the parliament of Greenland, passed an act setting out the framework conditions for the construction, operation and financing of Greenland's largest infrastructure investment ever - the construction of three international airports in Ilulissat, Nuuk and Qaqortoq.

The construction of the airports is an important element in the safeguarding of direct air routes to the three localities. It is expected that the airport project will contribute substantially to developing business and tourism in Greenland. 
The Act now creates a basis for inviting tenders for the construction of runways and buildings, and creates the basis for the necessary financing of the project. 
Kalaallit Airports A/S that is owned by the Greenland Home Rule is in charge of the project. 
Plesner is proud to act as advisor to Kalaallit Aiports A/S and to contribute to creating the basis for the adoption and implementation of the project. 

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