The Plesner School Project receives Dreyer Award

The Plesner School Project for pupils at two inner Copenhagen schools has just received one of the Association of Danish Law Firms' Dreyer Awards. Plesner is honoured to receive one of the three Dreyer Awards in recognition of the work with the School Project for the past five years.

The Association of Danish Law Firms' Dreyer Awards were handed out for the first time this year. The awards go to law firms that contribute to draw attention to the legal profession's standing in and importance to society. Law firms could be nominated in the following categories: Openness, Social Responsibility, Handling of Ethical Dilemmas, Focus on Customers and Employees and Diversity.

The Plesner School Project received the Dreyer Award in the category Social Responsibility. The amount handed out together with the Award will be spent on the continued work with the School Project.

The School Project

The Plesner School Project has involved several classes at Nørrebro Park Skole since 2011 and at Blågård Skole since 2013. The object of the School Project is to encourage the pupils to understand the importance of school and education and to motivate them to focus on the many job opportunities and the choice that may become available through further education.

The School Project has produced direct results. All of the pupils who have been involved in the Project and have now completed the 9th grade have decided to continue their studies by attending upper secondary school, technical college or the 10th grade.

Plesner Partner Shania Jabbar is responsible for the School Project.

Plesner's CSR Programme

The School Project is a part of Plesner's CSR Programme that has been the most far-reaching programme of Danish law firms for a number of years. Plesner has joined the UN Global Compact and recently also the Code of Conduct of the Association of Danish Law Firms.

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