This is how we work at Plesner post Covid-19

The past year has provided the Plesner team with plenty of learning. We want to take the positive experiences we have gained and use them actively to develop Plesner's culture in order to continue to attract and retain sought-after talents and create value for our clients.

This is how we will be working at Plesner in future:

Participation in planning the working week

Flexibility in choosing where to work increases our wellbeing and productivity. That is why we have launched a new policy on a flexible workplace, which means that in future we will also be working from home some of the time. At Plesner, we have chosen a flexible model where it is up to each employee and manager to discuss and align a framework as to where to work that works for both parties. Consequently, we do not have any rules regulating the weekly number of days our employees have to spend at Plesner's office. 

Digital communication for efficient cross-team collaboration

When we work from home some of the time, we will still be using Microsoft Teams etc to be able to collaborate efficiently when working remotely. From now on, each team will discuss principles for efficient meetings to ensure that everybody will be heard and included when we collaborate from different locations. 

Modern office furniture and IT tools for the home office

It is important to us that our employees have well-appointed home offices. Plesner makes modern office furniture and IT tools available to enable our employees to make their home offices modern and stylish.

Digital knowledge sharing and webinars

We are looking forward to meeting our clients in person but we will continue to share knowledge digitally in the form of webinars. Large company meetings, where we gather all Plesner employees will still be held digitally in order to enable everybody to participate - both from their home offices and from Plesner's office. 

Learning along the way

In the future, all managers at Plesner will agree with their closest employees how they plan their working week and make use of the possibility of working from home. At the same time, our teams will discuss what works well and what should be adjusted in our everyday work where we will also be collaborating with colleagues working at different locations. Everything is new, and we will continue to learn and adjust things along the way. 

We are excited about the changes we are facing and are looking forward to continuing to develop Plesner's culture. 

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