The Tyra Redevelopment Project reaches first gas

Today marks a milestone for the Danish oil and gas sector. Tyra II has reached first gas after completing the mega-project of redeveloping the offshore infrastructure at the Tyra field.

Almost 10 years ago, TotalEnergies embarked on the redevelopment of the Tyra field infrastructure to prevent safety hazards and modernize the central gas hub of the Danish oil and gas sector. Due to the field's natural subsidence after many years of production, the platforms had sunk nearly 5 meters over the past 35 years reducing the distance between the sea and the platforms' decks and making the redevelopment necessary.

The Tyra field is responsible for processing and further distribution of more than 90% of the natural gas produced in the Danish North Sea to both Danish consumers as well as several European neighbors. The production of natural gas from the Tyra Field can supply the equivalent of 1.5 million Danish homes. The Tyra field was shut-in in 2019 to enable the construction works offshore.

The old topsides have been decommissioned which is the first time ever that a platform from the Danish North Sea has been decommissioned. Additional steel has been added to the jackets, new topsides from Italy, Singapore and Indonesia have been installed, and subsea infrastructure have been modified to accommodate the shut-in. In total, 50,000 tons of steel have been removed under decommissioning. In 2023 alone, more than 1,400 people offshore and 230 people onshore have been working on the final redevelopment activities.

Today, Tyra II has recommenced the processing and further distribution onshore of natural gas. The new and modernized infrastructure will reduce the carbon emissions by 30%.

Plesner has assisted TotalEnergies for more than a decade with all legal aspects concerning the mega-project including:

  • Tendering process of the various EPC contracts, transportation and installation contracts (T&I), etc.
  • Subsea infrastructure agreements (tie-in suspensions, by-pass pipelines, pipeline modifications)
  • Strategic advice on contract management
  • Regulatory advice 

Plesner is truly honored having assisted TotalEnergies in all legal aspects of the redevelopment project which is the largest offshore construction project to date in Denmark. 

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