Plesner conducts class action about VAT on media licence fee

In Plesner's opinion, it is unlawful that the Danish Broadcasting Corporation ("DR") charges VAT on the media licence fee. Whether to pay VAT on the media licence fee is a question that depends on the fundamental interpretation of the VAT rules, and it affects more or less the entire Danish population. That is why Plesner will be conducting a class action about the media licence fee. Licence payers can join the class action free of charge.

DR charges VAT on the media licence fee. VAT amounts to approximately DKK 500 of the annual licence payment.

Plesner believes that it is against the law to charge VAT on the Danish media licence fee and that such VAT should be repaid to the licence payers.

However, the Danish Minister of Taxation finds that it is lawful to charge VAT on the licence fee, and therefore it is has become necessary to institute legal proceedings.

Plesner will be conducting the case as a class action. Everyone who has paid a licence fee during one or several licence periods since 2014 can join. It is free of charge, and there is no risk of incurring any expenses.

It is Plesner's assessment that the general three-year period of limitation applies. Therefore, the case has been prepared so that it comprises VAT on the media license fee during the period from November 2014 and after.

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