We have extensive experience with respect to the rules relating to anti-money laundering.

We understand how important it is to protect an undertaking, including the reputation of such undertaking, against anti-money laundering risks and the relating challenges that might arise with respect to the anti-money laundering legislation, which is constantly changing.

Our legal services with respect to anti-money laundering include:

  • Development of anti-money laundering framework tools: We assist undertakings design and implement robust anti-money laundering compliance programmes which comply with the requirements of the law. We guide our clients through risk assessments, drafting of policies, training of staff and continuous monitoring procedures.
  • Due diligence and risk assessment: We conduct due diligence investigations to assess the potential risks relating to business relationships, including customers, partners and suppliers.
  • Compliance with legislation: We provide extensive advice on compliance with Danish and European anti-money laundering rules.
  • supervisory matters and investigations: In case of potential violations of anti-money laundering legislation we have particular experience in conducting internal investigations and advising on remedial measures. We also represent clients in the interaction with supervisory authorities in the event of supervisory matters and investigations.

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