We have extensive experience in advising on cross-border financial activities.

Undertakings from countries outside the EU (third countries) must apply to the Danish Financial Supervisory Authority for permission to provide investment services and investment activities (with or without setting up a branch in Denmark). In general, Danish acts and rules apply if a bank or a financial undertaking from a third country provides services or conducts marketing with regard to investors in Denmark. This is the case both if an undertaking operates through a permanent establishment or remotely but enters Denmark for the purpose of meeting customers or otherwise communicates by email, telephone or by other means.

Cross-border services provided by a financial undertaking located in an EU member state is more straightforward than providing services to Denmark from a third country. This is primarily because Danish acts and rules only apply to a limited extent in such situations due to the harmonisation of financial legislation in the EU. 

Our legal services include advice on cross-border activities in connection with, but not limited to, new strategies, expansions, loans to undertakings, M&A and financing of assets.

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