Plesner-advokater vinder ILO Client Choice Award

Advokat, partner Peter-Ulrik Plesner og advokat, partner Niklas Korsgaard Christensen har netop modtaget en Client Choice Award 2016. Det er The International Law Office (ILO), som står bag den anerkendte, internationale prisuddeling.

The International Law Office uddeler hvert år de særlige Client Choice Awards, som udelukkende er baseret på over 2.000 individuelle vurderinger fra virksomhedsjurister.

Prisen gives ifølge ILO til advokater, der udmærker sig ved at levere en exceptionel god service til deres klienter: "The Client Choice awards recognise those partners around the world that stand apart for the excellent client service they provide. The criteria for the awards focus on the ability to add real value to clients' business above and beyond other players in the market".

Client Choice Award inden for "Copyright"

Advokat, partner Peter-Ulrik Plesner er kåret til vinder af en Client Choice Award i Danmark inden for kategorien "Copyright".

I forbindelse med prisen fremhæver Peter-Ulrik Plesners klienter bl.a.:

"Mr Plesner is second to none in IP law in Denmark."

"Mr Plesner is the ultimate IP attorney to have on your side; he is always well prepared, is knowledgeable in his field and has a strong commercial mindset."

"He stands out for being an extraordinarily good strategist."

"He is determined and skilled; he is one of the few lawyers who actually understands the chemistry behind the patents that he defends."

Client Choice Award inden for "Energy and Natural Resources"

Advokat, partner Niklas Korsgaard Christensen vinder en Client Choice Award 2016 i Danmark inden for kategorien "Energy and Natural Resources".

Niklas Korsgaard Christensens klienter fremhæver bl.a.:

"Mr Christensen possesses an amazing degree of professional expertise and has detailed legal knowledge."

"His legal advice is outstanding within the energy field."

"Mr Christensen is cooperative with clients; he is always available and quick to respond."

"He has a great legal touch and a wealth of experience; moreover, he can identify and focus on a case's key points."

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