Webinar: Corporate Power Purchase Agreements

Plesner invites you to join our renewables webinar on 25 April 2023 to learn more about Corporate Power Purchase Agreements (Corporate PPAs).

Interest in Corporate PPAs has been steadily increasing in recent years as large global corporates continue to buy stakes in major renewable energy projects and sign PPAs designed to provide long-term electricity for their operations. Notably, Corporate PPA activity has remained high despite onerous volatility levels in electricity prices the past year.

At Plesner, we have over a long period of time been involved in landmark Corporate PPA transactions in many European jurisdictions.

During the webinar we will cover market trends which is expected to define the European PPA market in the years to come.


The webinar will be hosted via Microsoft Teams. Sign up for Plesner’s Energy & Infrastructure Network by emailing Charlotte Solberg Lauridsen (chl@plesner.com).

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