We have a long tradition of and extensive experience in providing advice on all public law matters. In a broad and complex field our strength is that we are quick to get to the core of the problem - which we solve in a focused manner.

Our clients include listed companies, international groups, government institutions and companies, local authorities, local utility companies, oil companies, insurance companies and small and medium-sized enterprises. 

We advise our clients on a wide range of matters of public law, including:

  • Constitutional law - compulsory acquisition, national appropriation provisions, the compliance of Danish acts with the Danish Constitutional Act 
  • Planning and construction law – we have vast experience advising state-owned companies operating in compliance with planning and construction acts
  • Administrative law - the rules governing public authorities' actions towards businesses and citizens 
  • Local government law - the scope of the local government mandate, local government's legitimate economic activities, the Local Government Act and sectoral legislation
  • Liability of public authorities 
  • Legal inquiries and investigations 
  • Drafting of internal guidelines and model decisions for classification and optimisation of proceedings
  • The Danish Access to Public Administration Files Act - access to documents issues
  • Rules governing public sector jobs, employers and employment law issues in the public sector
  • Rules governing public enterprises, inter-municipal enterprises and public limited companies 
  • Utilities law - regulation of utility companies, including the Danish Electricity Supply Act, the Danish Heat Supply Act and the Danish Act on Natural Gas Supply
  • Roads and drains - classification of roads, maintenance issues, parking arrangements, tort issues in relation to roads, the Danish "guest principle" (governing utility companies' access to land owned by third parties) 
  • Social services law - in particular rules governing the operation of residential facilities etc under the Danish Act on Social Supervision

Our advisory services

We familiarise ourselves with and understand our clients' businesses and activities, and we provide advice that creates value for them. Our legal advice is based on a high degree of understanding of the commercial or political reality. Our team have gained experience working at public authorities and publicly owned enterprises.

We have considerable experience of litigation in the area of public law and the special issues that apply when administrative decisions are tried before the courts, and in questions concerning the liability of public authorities. We have also conducted legal inquiries.

Our clients praise us for being "good value for money" due to our comprehensive interdisciplinary knowledge, efficient use of IT resources, public sources and systematic use of previously acquired knowledge. 

Administrative law stretches into a wide range of sectors where more specialised legal advice is required. Consequently, the team often collaborate with colleagues from other practice areas.  


  • Femern A/S - assistance with compulsory acquisitions and land purchases for the construction of the Fehmarnbelt fixed link
  • Københavns Lufthavne A/S - assistance in handling a dispute with Taarnby Local Authority
  • Danish Agency for Labour Market and Recruitment - judgment by the Danish Supreme Court in favour of the client in the lawsuit nick-named “the Farvergade Case” against the City of Copenhagen
  • Falck Danmark A/S - local government law issues in relation to the ambulance and fire emergency service
  • Odense Erhvervspark A/S - assistance with major compulsory acquisition case


  • Respected commercial practice which advises private companies on public law issues, particularly environmental issues and expropriation, as well as general administrative and constitutional law. Also acts for publicly owned entities and government departments. Also offers advice on regulatory issues in the insurance and utilities sectors.

    "Our first choice due to its pragmatic approach to issues, high quality counsel and delivery and responsiveness" (2017)

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