Plesner has set up a dedicated AI task force to assist companies exploring the possibilities offered by AI and to address the legal questions and uncertainties which naturally arise when you work with AI.

AI is being discussed in most Danish companies - also in managements and boardrooms. A large part of the explanation for this is ChatGPT, which was launched by OpenAI in November 2022 and has made AI easily accessible and applicable for many purposes. 

Over time, all Danish companies will be using solutions based on AI technology, and extensive regulation is under way. 

However, if personal data are included when AI is used, detailed regulation is already available in the form of the general GDPR rules. The Danish Data Protection Agency has already made decisions regarding AI and set up a project group  in 2022 for the purpose of examining AI and data protection in a broad context across the Agency's disciplinary units.

Get regular information and assistance with AI

In Plesner's experience AI gives rise to legal challenges in many companies, and therefore we have set up a dedicated AI task force that can help clients investigate the possibilities provided by AI and steer clear of the particular risks relating to the use of AI. 

In addition to this, Plesner's AI task force will regularly provide information and send out invitations for webinars etc addressing various legal aspects of companies' use of AI. 

For some time, the task force has looked into the use of AI internally in Plesner, and therefore we will include our own experiences with AI when we provide advice. 

Our assistance

The assistance provided by Plesner's AI task force includes the following:

  • contracts regarding the purchase of AI and large IT projects in connection with the implementation of AI solutions;
  • assessment of the lawfulness of an AI solution in terms of personal data law and risk assessments and impact analyses;
  • policies on personal data governance and compliance with respect to the use of AI in organisations;
  • regulatory advice, including on the AI regulation; 
  • financial outsourcing to suppliers of AI; 
  • advice on the establishment of overall business strategies for the use of AI; 
  • governance and policies, including in relation to employees;
  • rights (IPR) to input and output, also for companies providing AI solutions; 
  • M&A transactions involving companies selling AI solutions;
  • compliance with the special requirements in the financial sector.

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