Webinar: Nordic/Danish Trust-Based Business Models and Overseas Corruption Challenges

In the wake of the recently published report from the OECD regarding the implementation of the OECD Anti-Bribery Convention, Kroll and Plesner are co-hosting a webinar focusing on the nexus between the Nordic/Danish trust-based business models and anti-bribery and corruption issues overseas, including what actions Danish companies will have to take as a response thereto. The webinar takes place Tuesday 20 June 2023.

For nine years out of the last 10, Denmark has been the number one ranked country in the world in terms of the perception of its low level of public sector corruption. The renowned ethos of trust that underpins Danish political, social and commercial interactions may well be responsible for its stellar anti-corruption performance but how well does Denmark do when it has to interact with other overseas commercial environments?

The OECD has made recommendations seeking to improve the detection of bribery by Danish businesses operating overseas; introduce more efficient reporting lines for raising bribery concerns, along with greater protection for whistleblowers; reconsider the enforcement approach towards actions by foreign subsidiaries of Danish companies; and, improve the resourcing of the Danish National Agency for Special Crimes. 

Whilst the OECD’s recommendations are for the Danish authorities to consider, the implementation of these recommendations is likely to require Danish companies to revisit their existing procedures when transacting abroad.

Our expert panel will consider what impact those recommendations might have and what a proportionate response to the changing foreign bribery landscape might look like.



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